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The Wires: The FCC Cambodia Monthly Newsletter
December 2006


FCC Angkor New Year's Eve African Jungle Buffet
$ 20.00 Net


Selection of bread
crusty breads including Imbiakpa Bredi, a type of corn bread from Nigeria

Spinach 'granat' soup
A velvety west African soup with spinach, ground peanut and avocado

Nigerian 'Nembe' triangles
Mildly spiced red lentils stuffed in pastry triangles & served with a pepper salsa

Chicken 'Kuku Na Nasi' salad
A Kenyan salad with chicken poached in coconut milk, fresh coriander, chilli and paprika spice


Harissa Style Squid
Using the delicious harissa sauce from Tunisia, the squid takes on an exotic flavour, served with braised chickpeas

Freshwater Fish with Charmoula sauce
A famous Moroccan dish, with delicate fish fillets on a bed of marinated vegetables, served with the mouthwatering Charmoula sauce

Chicken 'Domoda' skewers
A Zimbabwean delicacy which has the marinated chicken skewers served with a crushed peanut sauce

Beef Stew in 'Berbere' sauce
A traditional Ethiopian stew with tender diced beef and the Berbere sauce, which has hints of paprika, cayenne pepper, cardamom and tumeric


Lemon scented cous cous
Moroccan style with preserved lemon, ginger, coriander and sultanas

Maharagwe vegetables
Sliced marinated peppers, eggplant and zucchini mixed with red kidney beans and coconut milk, a Kenyan classic


Pineapple Tapioca 'Dovi' style
A Zimbabwean dessert with soft cooked tapioca, and poached pineapple

Fresh Fruit Salad
A selection of fruits served with a Moroccan minted yoghurt

South African 'Klappertert'
A coconut tart served with pear slivers

Egyptian Chocolate tart
This fudge cake is rich and smooth, a beautiful end to a night of African dining