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21) The Independent, December 2005

Cambodia's hidden dragon... Vietnam and Thailand have been favourites for years, but now neighbouring Cambodia is coming out of the shadows. Actor and musician Richard Strange finds a country of wild water festivals, ancient temples - and louche bars...

22) The Nation - Thailand, November 2005

After trekking around Angkor Wat, this Siem Reap club is the best place to unwind After a long, hot day of touring the spectacular temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Siem Reap provides a glorious retreat for tired travellers to relax and reflect upon Angkor's ancient wonders.

23) Conde Naste Traveller, September 2005
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Enlightened Choices - Chris Caldicott recommends "the" hotels in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat...

24) The Standard Newspaper HK, August 2005

The first time I saw the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh was in August 1993.....

25) Hotel Chatter dot com, July 2005

The Foreign Correspondents' Club Angkor is a bit of riverside luxury in the midst of the jungles of Cambodia....

26) Wallpaper, July 2005
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This months Hot Spot, a riverside retreat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.....

27) Cambodian Scene, July 2005
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A Cambodian institution FCC Phnom Penh has proved a phenomenial success....

28) Exotissimo - Newsletter July05, July 2005

Exotissimo Travel writes about "FCC Angkor Hotel opens in Siem Reap"...

29) Hotel Designs, May 2005

Hotels: Cambodian Developments: FCC Angkor hotel is Siem Reap's newest contemporary chic hideaway

30) Modern Weekly - Global News, April 2005
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FCC Angkor, 29 room, 2 suites boutique style hotel...

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